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Beagle NADCAP Heat Treatment Facilities

Beagle TG

Beagle retain on our single site facilities NADCAP accredited heat treatment processes. These include Annealing, Solution Treatment (Normalising), Stress relief and precipitation. Alloys include 2XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX and 7XXX to tempers such as T4, T6 & ‘O’. Full NDT processes support these heat treatments including Tensile Testing, Hardness & Conductivity and PFD.

Size ranges include…

Annealing & Precipitation:- 4.8M x 1.92M x 2.4M

Solution Treatment:- 2M x 0.8M x 0.53M (With Drop Quench)

We also can coil material prior to heat treatment for bigger items.