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BEAGLE Aircraft reducing carbon footprint

Beagle TG

With so many opportunities in industry to have a positive impact on the environment, Beagle Aircraft have selected Eco Coffee Company as our service provider of choice.

We are proud partner with Eco coffee company who share our values in reducing the impact to the environment, they have committed to plant enough trees to sequester around 12 tonnes of CO2.

Moving to Eco coffee as not only improved the quality of our vending product but allowed Beagle to remove the dependency and use of plastic cups, reducing plastic waste and pollution in the process.

Reducing our plastic waste boasts numerous benefits, not the least of which include preserving natural resources, protecting the environment and reduce costs.

The benefits of reducing plastic consumption include:

  • Preventing pollution by lessening the amount of new raw materials used
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute towards climate change
  • Reduces the amount of waste that needs to be recycled or, in developing countries, sent to landfills/incinerators
  • Saves money, since reusable items work out cheaper than constantly purchasing more plastic

Proud to be reducing our plastic pollution.

“It’s also important to add that Beagle Aircraft have gone one step further by providing the team with reusable mugs! Really impressed and what a huge step forward from plastic in cup. Enjoy the coffee”

Watch out for more news on Beagle Aircraft future projects reducing our carbon footprint