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Investment in New Technology & Equipment

Beagle TG

Beagle Technology Group recently invested in a new Amada 3i 1003 Series 7 axis break press. This is part of our ongoing investment program, to offer our customers the benefits of reduced lead times and cost downs due to the application of new technology.

Built on the solid foundation of the HFE series, Amada’s HFE 3i press brake models include additional production-enhancing features and an innovative touch-screen AMNC 3i interface.

18.5″ multi-touch display offers multiple modes of data entry (angle, depth, 2D and 3D) for ultimate programming flexibility.
A user-friendly graphic interface and tool library assist operators in the quick setup of complicated parts.

Built in, self correcting software affords high quality, and repeatability and reduced cycle times. Allowing us to do both large and small components of various degrees of complexity.