TenCate – Advanced Composites – Out of Autoclave Prepreg Solutions Case Study

TenCate – Advanced Composites – Out of Autoclave Prepreg Solutions Case Study

The perception that prepreg technology is prohibitively expensive, requiring substantial capital investment and is reserved for high end applications is fast being dismissed with the introduction of Out of Autoclave (OoA) systems.

TenCate out of autoclave prepregs are increasingly being used across a diverse range of applications, and are designed to be cured by vacuum bagging only, eliminating the need for high pressure autoclaves. This allows more flexibility in manufacturing, requires less expensive tooling and results in significant processing energy savings.

The Beagle air intake component, developed as part of a collaboration between TenCate Advanced Composites and Beagle Technology Group, demonstrates a high end marine application of this technology, satisfying increasingly stringent aesthetic and structural market requirements in addition to providing weight savings when compared with traditional methods. Here the resin system has been combined with a diolene fabric and oven cured to produce this eye catching component whilst still offering the well documented benefits of prepreg technology over wet lay or resin infusion:

• Low void content whilst ensuring maximum strength • Controlled laminate thickness for a consistent end product • Reduced weight for improved performance and lower fuel costs • Reduced lay-up time • Reduced labour costs • Fibres can be laid in the direction of principle stress • Improved stability • Reduced vibration • Enhanced aesthetic and cosmetic appeal • A cleaner production processairintake4